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We are a business brokerage company specialized in international trade and experienced in the commodity markets.


CID LOUREIRO UINPESSOAL LDA is an International Trade Consulting company with differentiated service and extensive experience in the market.

Based in Lisbon - Portugal - PT, founded to serve the services of IMPORTATION and EXPORT, as well as INTERMEDIATION in the purchase and sale of COMMODITIES, started its activities in 2016. Believing in the growth of the international market, We are growing and expanding the portfolio of services , adding quality and high efficiency in meeting the demands of our customers.

We offer the best solutions suited to the profile of each of our clients and in all aspects of the operation, such as: Planning, Quotation, Feasibility, Costs and Deadlines Reduction, Purchase, International Freight of Air and Sea Freight.

We participate intensively in the foreign trade process of BRAZIL - CHINA - EUROPE and U.S.A. and CARIBBEAN, with partners in several parts of the world.

We have a team focused on the quality of services and qualified service that provides agility, security and tranquility, meeting the needs and expectations of each client and always following the demands and trends of the market.


Our mission is to always provide the best negotiation for our clients, maximizing their profitability in operations with a lot of wisdom and transparency, and a lot of respect for ethical and moral principles.


Our vision is to be a reference in the commodity market, seeking the best investment opportunities, appropriate to the profile of each of our clients.


Since 2016, CID LOUREIRO UINPESSOAL LDA has been consulting internationally, mainly in the outsourcing of the IMPORTS and EXPORTS sector to companies, contributing to the reduction of costs with employees and promoting a fast and efficient work, always seeking to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Exportation and importation 

Our team is able to help directly or indirectly in the search of the best buyers and suppliers.


The main clients of CID LOUREIRO UNIPESSOAL LDA. the following sectors:

- Food Sector Companies
- Companies of the Oil and Gas Segment
- Companies of the Hotel and Tourism Segment
- Companies of the Sector of Telecommunications and Electronics
- Companies of the Information Technology Sector (Solutions - Equipment - Services - Recruitment of Qualified Personnel)
- Consulting companies
- Others

We operate in several commodity segments.




Soybeans - Corn - Sugar





See the timeline below for step-by-step standards and trading procedures for commodities.



1ª. Trading Step

The Buyer issues LOI (Letter of Intent) or ICPO (Irrevocable Purchase Order) + BCL (Financial Capability Letter) + RWA (Credit Verification Authorization) + NCNDA (Confidentiality and Integrity Agreement) + IMPFA and Commissioning) + Copy of the Buyer's and Intermediary's Passport.

2ª. Trading Step

The seller, after receiving ICPO + RWA + BCL, will evaluate the buyer's financial capacity at his own expense.

3ª. Trading Step

If the buyer is approved, the seller will formalize the "FCO" (Draft Complete) or "Draft" (Schedule of Agreement) and will reserve the product supply schedule.

4ª. Trading Step

After the "Agreement" signed by the parties, the seller sends the "Invoice" (Invoice) to the buyer to request the issuance of the "LC" (Letter of Credit) *.

#. The "LC" (Letter of Credit) is an agreement whereby a bank, acting at the request of an importer and in accordance with the contractual instructions, undertakes to make a payment to an exporter against the presentation of a series of documents and procedures required within a specified time limit, provided that the terms and conditions of the credit are met. 

5ª. Trading Step

The seller issues the "PBG 2%" (Performance Warranty) to the buyer's security. It is a collateral that guarantees that the seller will comply with the terms of the contract. Usually issued on the value of a shipment in the event that the seller breaks the contract and does not provide the product that was stipulated in the contract. "PBG 2%" is only enabled after the "LC" (Letter of Credit) issued by the buyer's bank is approved. This approval is made between banks via "SWIFT".

6ª. Trading Step

Payments will be by irrevocable, LC (Letter of Credit), transferable, confirmed, unconditional, irrevocable and divisible, active, operative and issued by one of the Top 50 World Banks, fit within the contract. 100% self-rotation payments will be released to the seller at the port of destination via POP, the amount of each BL (Bill of Lading), SGS (Quality Certificate) or equivalent international certification, along with all export documents and procedures, as detailed in the agreement.

The irrefutable proof of the product is provided by the seller's PRIME BANK, which certifies that it will be delivered in accordance with the contract specifications.

Our strategic point is the commercialization of chicken parts.
Our chicken supplier is among the top 5 buyers.
With CID LOUREIRO LDA, you will always make a safe business.
Here are some pictures of chicken cuts.



Contact - Portugal 
Movel: +351 936 546 135

Contact - Brazil

Rio de Janeiro
Movel: +55 (21) 9 9895 3364